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Carp Dream Lake

We welcome it the          on an angler lake!

In Hungary's noon West region, close to the Slovene border, from Nagykanizsa onto 20 kilometres, before Tornyiszentmiklós passing M70-es beside a highway can be found Carp Dream Lake. The 16 hectare mine lakes with beautiful environment, his diverse depths, the 7 metres are attained in some places. The lake waits for the anglers visiting here in a whole year with his rich and diverse fish stock.

The stem above 10 and 15 kgs and mirror carp form the great majority of his fish stock, but more betyárka above 30 kgs his inhabitant for the lake. The lake már  the 2009. May 1-i showed some inhabitants of his with a big body in days following opening.

Current lake record: 35,+ kgs

On 16 of Carp Dream Lake hectare areas 8 angler positions can be found, what we may reserve following a telephonic negotiation. We may buy the tickets in the buffet which can be found at the entrance of the lake where we may buy baits and angler articles.

To angle with 3 sticks onto a possible but separate request, fourth stick we may buy the permit.

Punch, radar, boat and feeder the usage of a ship authorised.

4 pieces of boat is at the anglers' disposal currently, that likewise negotiating can be reserved.

The filling of batteries is free.

A buffet and a hot water shower are at the disposal of the ones coming to visit here.

The 3 and 2 angler place 2 personal ones without comfort chalets rentable.

Anglers, who are aware of him, operate the lake with Misel Zadravec leadership, what is needed for a really good angling how.


 +36 30 9 142 304



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