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We can find the lake Carp Dream Lake just 2km after the border Slovenia – Hungary – Croatia in a little town called Tornyiszentmiklós near the highway, which than leads into the heart of Hungary. The lake has been dug in year 1984 and after that it has expanded to the actual size of 16ha. It`s known for stunning, massive fighting fish which give the lake it`s reputation.

When you arrive to the lake you have a restaurant called Bufe Carp Dream Lake which all the visitors need to visit before entering their pegs. For your satisfaction we offer food and beverages at the restarurant, at your disposal are also clean toilets, a shower and electricity.

On the lake there are big and comfortable swims marked with numbers 1.,2. , 3. , 4. . Boundaries are exactly marked on each sides of the lake, so you and nearby anglers know the boundaries of own swims.  Each swims have a limit of maximum number of rods as follows:

1. Max. 9 rods
2. Max. 12 rods
3. Max. 9 rods
4. Max 6 rods

(Prices of swims differ! For more info contact us per email or call us!)

The booking is swim based, not individual angler.  You decide how many anglers will fish on the booked swim.

fish over 20kg (Carp & Grass carp)
Fish over 25kg (Carp & Grass carp)
fish over 30kg (Carp)